Quadprop is a 2D flying game with several and enjoyable flight missions. As a airplane Quadprop has four propeller engine and capable of doing different kind missions with some modify. Fly carefully the Quadprop and complate all missions.

Quadprop's background:

When i was child i played a simple flight game called TU-95.  I liked it very much because it do not require good spec pc for play and not complicated as flight simulations but in the other hand  when i played the TU-95 ı was feeling that i am flying an aircraft and i am controlling systems in order to complete mission. So i decided to make this game with unique and enjoyable mechanics for make people and children feel what i felt in my childhood. Feel free to comment after play this game! Your comments is important and  meaningful for me.

Average mission time: ~ 5 mins.   

Full gameplay time: ~ 45 mins.

You can select all missions whenever you play!


UP arrow for nose DOWN.

DOWN arrow for nose UP.

SPACE for engine power UP/DOWN.

for Flaps Up / Flaps Down for increacing/decracing speed.

for landing gear UP/DOWN.

for cargo door OPEN/CLOSE.

for fire extinguisher, cargo dropping, make jump paratroopers.

for refuel hose extension/retraction.

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